Monday, September 01, 2008

Why Litter

Happy Labor Day

Last week I attended a Beach Clean up event sponsored by F.I.N.Sea and Lululemon Athletica right here in Santa Monica. I already knew that our beaches were not the cleanest and in this green age I ask the question why litter? There are trash cans everywhere on the beach. Most of what I picked up was cigarette butts and plastic bottle caps.

On Saturday I went to the same beach for a swim. As I sat down on my towel after some fun with the waves the girl sitting next to me was topless & smoking. Everyone around was having this non-verbal conversation about her baring her naked chest. Well she eventually put her top back on, got up and left, leaving an empty plastic Gatoraid bottle and three cigarette butts. When I left I picked up the bottle and walked it over to a trash can. At the trash can there was an elderly homeless looking man collecting all the recyclables. He said, "thanks for helping keep the beach clean I'll take that now."

I think we need one for 2008.


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