Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Student Mind

I drove down to Venice on Monday and promptly went to Shiva's class in the evening. YES! Tuesday morning I went to Erich's class. Then in the evening I went to Saul's class. Sean's class tonight! I feel deep gratitude to all my teachers today.

One day later I am still feeling gratitude for my teachers. Sean's class was super fun last night. This morning I went to Erich's class and it was awesome. Four songs of free form! Kick Ass and after the meditations, PEACE is now firmly in my core and deeply resonating from my heart.

Today is the last day of a month long, new moon to new moon, Shanti (peace) Sadhana. Tomorrow, I am transitioning into a Shakti (creative) Sadhana. Life is good, breath, love, live.

Off for a swim, run and playtime at the beach...

Peace ye'all


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