Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Old Trees's

I am back in Mammoth after being away for ten days. I had an amazing time on the road but it is good to be back home in the mountains. The air outside is a stark contrast to the dessert. Yesterday I drove home from Las Vegas cruising into the Inyo National Forrest, experiencing the majesty of the Sierra's from the White Mountains. Beautiful! I passed through the White Mountains and took a brief tour of the ancient Bristolcone Pine Forrest, whose trees are the oldest known living trees on earth!

Back to Student Mind...
Before I left for Las Vegas I caught one more class at Exhale, Micheline Berry's Saturday morning class. one word to describe it, Awesome!

While in Las Vegas I was lucky enough to be invited to some hot yoga sadhanas at Moksha Yoga. A super fun grounding series with heat. I guess the 102 temp outside wasn't enough!

Micheline Berry -
Moksha Yoga Las Vegas -

Next week Lake Tahoe...