Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tree Of Life

May your new years be filled with sweet nuggets of joy. Shalom

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Campfire 1

light, color, flames and then a little photoshop!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Monday Morning Breath

During Shiva's Pranafication Retreat this summer we had a transformational breath session with Robin Clements that proved to be powerful. On Monday morning Robin facilitated a small group of us through a session. I had an amazing healing experience. After warming up a bit, the breath took over and I embodied a sweet rhythm of inhales and exhales. Expanding and contracting I eased into warm soothing thoughts of the ocean. Then my body actually became the ocean. Then I left my body-ocean and floated up and began to fly into the sun and right through its fiery center. On the other side I felt a cool blue peace. I was orbiting the moon.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Teaching is good for the teacher


Thanks to all my teachers, especially Shiva Rea for inspiring me to live yoga 24/7 and teach Prana Flow. In my class at Downtown Yoga Circle tonight I guided the students through Mandala Namaskar 1. It was their first time. I used my ipod shuffle so the music was a bit of a surprise. But we just flowed and it was sweet to see the breath take over and freedom set in. At the end, instead of savasana they did supported suptabadakonasana for the first time too. mmmmm Bliss...

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Global Mala

What an amazing weekend. A birthday celebration that lasted from Twee's class on Thursday night all the way to this mornings breath work with Robin. I have been ignited, re-born and now even more passionate. Love to all that were at the Global Mala and a special thanks to Shiva Rea for planting the seeds of transformation!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Cusp Of Beauty

The inspiration for this graphic originated when B asked me to do a graphic for this weekends Hit & Run event at Bear Mountain called Hot Dogs And Handrails. Today is my birthday, and using the cusp became the theme almost instantaneously. The summer is coming to a close, the days and nights are almost equal as the fall equinox approaches.

Embracing the fire.

In my yoga practice I have been lighting the fire as well. Practicing Agni Namaskar and other solar sadhanas in class with Shiva as well as in my personal practice and teaching. 108 Sun Salutes here we go! The Global Mala is this weekend. Tonight is On Fire - A Illumined Night of Rumi, Passion and Sacred Activism with Andrew Harvey and tomorrow is Ignited - A Blazing Day of Rumi, Passion and Sacred Activism.

I am present and fully embracing the heat, the fire in transition... transformation.

Thinking of 1979 also helped. Little though bubbles at the beginning of my meditation about waiting for KISS to come out from the dressing room backstage at the Silverdome kept floating in. Eventually KISS came out in full makeup, onto the red carpet, and only to walk up a ramp and get into the KISS VAN. Then drive it onto the stage amid a pyrotechnic spectacle of color and sound in feast of prana. Later that led me to think of bandit, Burt Renyolds and BOOM Shakti, I was automatically drawn to Smokey, then The Trans Am!

Birthday Wishes:
Global Mala is huge success.
The Kids at Bear Mt. kill it!
The Red Wings defend as Stanley Cup Champions in 2008/09

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Monday, September 01, 2008

Why Litter

Happy Labor Day

Last week I attended a Beach Clean up event sponsored by F.I.N.Sea and Lululemon Athletica right here in Santa Monica. I already knew that our beaches were not the cleanest and in this green age I ask the question why litter? There are trash cans everywhere on the beach. Most of what I picked up was cigarette butts and plastic bottle caps.

On Saturday I went to the same beach for a swim. As I sat down on my towel after some fun with the waves the girl sitting next to me was topless & smoking. Everyone around was having this non-verbal conversation about her baring her naked chest. Well she eventually put her top back on, got up and left, leaving an empty plastic Gatoraid bottle and three cigarette butts. When I left I picked up the bottle and walked it over to a trash can. At the trash can there was an elderly homeless looking man collecting all the recyclables. He said, "thanks for helping keep the beach clean I'll take that now."

I think we need one for 2008.